Deciphering Different Cakes


Many people who bake professionally know that good cake recipes are important. The right recipe for different cakes is quintessential to the cake turning out just right.

Health experts like Doctor Oz do not recommend cake mixes. He says that the ingredients are more like chemicals than actual food items.

However, that should not stop anyone from making an excellent cake. The Food Network and other online recipe stores have free recipes for all varieties of cakes.

These recipes differ because vanilla is the main flavoring in white cake. In chocolate cake, cocoa is added. And in red velvet, there is red dye that is added or some vinegar and cocoa to make a chemical reaction to turn the cake red.

There are other delightful variations of cake. For example, German chocolate cake has a coconut frosting on chocolate cake that makes it unique. Carrot cake is special because of the carrots and walnuts added to the dough and cream cheese to the vanilla frosting.